Official Projects

  1. Nagios Monitoring -- 2007-03-03
    1. A very basic external setup is in place.
    2. I need an internal setup for services that can only be seen from inside of our network. The helpdesk box has been repurposed as it wasn't being used anyhow.
  2. Ad Removal Price -- 2007-03-17
    1. The backend work is done and needs to be tested.
    2. The signup process needs to be modified.
  3. Show how much space a site is using in the user manager.
  4. ECOA COREG for and
    1. HTML finished.
    2. Programming and Testing left to do.
  5. Clickbank Projects -- 2007-03-31
    1. Gold Package. Bronze yearly price.
    2. Pitch page is similar to current 0catch page (minus different package and term information).
    3. Thank you page says thanks.
  6. Disable for Non Payment
    1. Like TOS but not.
    2. The idea is to give people some time before their account is downgraded. Currently the idea is to simply not show the site for some time.
  7. Partner Domain
    1. Bogdan responded to my email, but he doesn't know how to create a star entry in the software that he is using. Plus, I think that he included "pages" in his url and Sam doesn't like that.
  8. Cartmanager Setup
    1. Pay-only setup
    2. Track signups back to an affiliate
    3. One time payment affiliates
  9. CGI Upgrade
    1. New Machine
    2. Investigate CPanel
    3. Investigate Fantastico
    4. Elefante?
  10. Submission Service
    1. branded
    2. Premium brand
  11. Fastdomain API
  12. Text Link Admin
  13. Various Cheater Prevention

Un-Official Projects

  1. Helpdesk Re-arrange.
    1. Cerberus is now gone.
    2. I want to format the current helpdesk box, turn it into our "corporate" email box, install RT and make Cerberus go away forever.
    3. I probably should move subversion to this box as well.
  2. Syslog Server
    1. Most of our logs currently end up getting sent to /dev/null.
  3. for Dallin
  4. New Ad Server
    1. Enough functionality is in place that I was able to run the slide ins for Ollie
    2. It needs a simple customer front end
    3. It needs our own slide in (and other) formats (perhaps Orangoo will help).
    1. Basic functionality in place
    2. I need to be able to create different counters
    3. I need a customer front end
    4. Reports would be nice

Skunkworks Projects

  1. NVU Tutorial

Finished Projects

  1. Network cleanup and MRTG implementation
    1. Bluehost had the information that we needed. A quick conversation with Steve and things were sorted right out.

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